Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekend Things--The Holidays Begin

Thanksgiving breakfast parfaits (once you do something one time, it becomes a tradition) and our Gratitude Journal.

One of these turkeys flew into our window Thanksgiving morning. Fortunately, it was just a glancing blow, and it gobbled off with the rest of its flock. The boys were disappointed to not have a wild turkey dinner, but I was thankful to not have a turkey-shaped hole in my window.

Some brotherly coexistence (there in the background is Z's new mattress. More on that soon).

The final harvest. 

A bit of weaving.

And knitting.


And frost.


And the Yule Log Menorah, with friends this time.

And snow!

The first skate.

Ice forming on the river.

A trip to Morse's Krauthaus and German import store.

I still was not feeling well this weekend, and spent a lot of it lying on the couch. I did get up to help M make an apple-cranberry pie for Thanksgiving dinner (and, of course, went to Thanksgiving dinner), and I dragged myself outside once each day. And I powered through the cleaning and cooking for Hanukkah dinner, and even invited friends to join us, last minute. But the couch-city most of the weekend, which suited the boys just fine--a position from which I could help them with their yarn and read chapter after chapter (after chapter) of Harry Potter to them.

I'm freaking out a little about all the deadlines I have for school in the next month and, you know, Christmas and stuff. I still feel achey and tired all over and want to go to bed at eight (or seven, or four) each night, and not stay up working. But it will all come together, right? It somehow always does. I hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!


  1. I love this glimpse into your lovely weekend, which did seem lovely even though you haven't been feeling well. But geez, it's hard to feel that tired with deadlines looming. It will all get done. It will all get done. Can you take a day this week to sleep at home when everyone is gone? Seems like you need a catch-up day. xox

  2. Thanks, Kate and LSM. I'm getting it done, and getting better.


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