Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Holding onto Summer

Saturday was hot and sticky--the perfect kind of beach day. Unfortunately E and Z had their first soccer game of the season that morning, and thunderstorms were called for in the afternoon, so the beach was not meant to be.

Sunday, M had a commitment in the afternoon, so I got up early, made everyone breakfast (which is outside of my job description), rounded up some towels and sunblock, and hustled everyone into the car. We hit the road by 8:15--a record for a non-school day. And we made it home in time for a late lunch at 1:45, with plenty of time for M to catch a ride to band practice, and half a day ahead of us all. This is why morning people rule the world--they get twice as much out of a day as the rest of us.

For some reason, these boys of mine complain a whole awful lot about having to go to the beach, but then they have a whole awful lot of fun once they get there (except, perhaps M, who lay bundled up in a hooded sweatshirt reading the whole time).

After the thunderstorms blew through Saturday evening, our hot, humid weather went with them, bringing a cool breeze. It wasn't exactly the kind of day that begs you to plunge into frigid North Atlantic waters, but a couple of us made a valiant attempt at swimming--C and Z even getting wet over their heads (up to my waist was good enough for me, thank you very much).

It felt a little bit like it might be our last day at the beach this summer, though that's a thought I can't bear to face. Maybe one more this weekend. And if everyone grumbles about it, maybe I'll just go by myself!


  1. Love imagining you all at the beach--even the sullen 'tween reading in his hoodie!

  2. What a wonderful morning adventure...make the best of these warm late summer days.


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