Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween Redux

We got our costumes made, 

and our Jack o' lanterns carved, 

and we loaded on the hay wagon.

While Z's Legolas costume took a few hours of work, E was a skeleton, with a $5 mask and a black sweatsuit. After about the first few houses, he ditched the mask and called himself a "phantom."

No one noticed their costumes, anyway, everyone's attention was on C and M, dressed up as--and acting the part of--secret service agents to our friend's, scariest-of-costume-of-all, politician. 

I went dressed as a mom who wants to stay warm on the back of a trailer at the end of October in Maine. I know, I'm the least fun person ever. But I talked and laughed with our friends, while the kids snuggled under blankets and engorged themselves on candy. And except for the fact that no one gave out a single Butterfinger, it was a pretty good night.


  1. I miss the Butterfingers, too. I like Snickers and all, but a little variety is good when raiding one's child's candy haul.

  2. I've noticed candy diversity has gone way down since I was a kid--where are the pay days? Almond Joy? Necco Wafters? Chewy Sweet Tarts? Brach's caramels? And, my favorite of all...peanut butter kisses??? I may have to buy actual candy next year instead of health food disguised as candy.

  3. I haven't commented in a while, and wanted to tell you that I like the additional links on your blog, as well as congratulate you on being part of the Literary Mama staff. I've downloaded the anthology you are in and am looking forward to reading it when I can get the Kindle away from my husband. It's fun to watch you grow and succeed as a writer, Andrea. Way to go!

  4. Thank you, Rachel! That means a lot.


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