Thursday, June 18, 2015


M's first day of kindergarten...
...and last day of eighth grade.
What can I say, Mamas, but hold onto your babies tight. And if your little boy has a fluorescent green Oscar the Grouch fleece sweatshirt, don't give it away when he outgrows it, because you're gonna wish you'd saved it to make into a pillow you can cry into.

Super proud of this kid. He's worked hard all through elementary and middle school, never lost his spark and love of learning, and accepted his accolades with grace. I'm excited to see what the next four years bring, but still wondering how the last nine (er, fourteen) went by so fast.


  1. Congratulations to him!!!

  2. What a proud (although hard for a mama heart) moment! Wishing him all the best in years to come.


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