Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Fiber Frolic

E and Z and I went to the Fiber Frolic Saturday--our yearly tradition.

E and Z especially wanted to go see the angora bunnies. They haven't yet successfully talked me into getting them one.

The fair seems to have downsized quite a bit over the last few years--there used to be whole barns full of sheep and goats and alpacas, and now there are just a few animals. They also don't have the llama parade and llama drill teams anymore. They didn't even have the sheepdog demonstrations this year! I was a little disappointed by that.

But they did have the falafel tent.

And ice cream.

And while I refrained from purchasing any yarn because I need to use up my stash first, I bought another one of the gorgeous dish towels I got last year, because I love it so. Also a basket, a book, some natural insect repellent, and lots of food.

I think we did our part to keep the fair from downsizing any further!


  1. always a shame when these things downsize. we went to donkey summer fair an i'm sure there was less going n than last year.

    loving the dishtowel. and well done on being strong and not buying more yarn, not easy! lol

    1. It is a shame! I didn't even look too closely at the yarn so I wouldn't be tempted!

  2. You didn't buy yarn...good for you. Too bad that is has gotten smaller, I think that is par for the course these days, unfortunately.


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