Monday, February 22, 2016

Bathroom Refresh

I got it into my head a few months ago to repaint our downstairs bathroom. I even bought the paint and supplies in early December, momentarily deluded that I'd have time to paint right before Christmas. When we planned our house, I had a clear mental picture of what color I wanted each room to be, except this bathroom. I finally settled on a yellowish green that I've never liked, despite it being very close in hue to my favorite color (but not close enough).

Before (garish, no?)

After (much better?)

I realized turquoise was the color this room was meant to be. I had picked out the color I wanted, but then picked a different, slightly darker, more greenish shade when I got to the paint store. And then the color mixing machine malfunctioned and didn't add the correct amount of pigment. The paint guy was able to remix to something that looked right (though I was a bit nervous that it would look like toothpaste) and sold me the can for half price. 

The color turned out perfect (it does look better in real life than in these pictures--it's really hard to take pictures of a bathroom. I have new respect for catalog photographers), but it got a bit dodgy near the end--I only bought a quart, thinking that's what we'd used the first time. I scraped every last drop of paint out of the can and only managed a second coat in spots where the green showed through. I could have gone out for another can, but there was that little issue of the messed up can of paint and the chance that the second can wouldn't quite match.

For the finishing touch, I made a curtain of greenish voile with little turquoise flowers, as a nod to the old green walls, and replaced the old switch plate which had gotten grubby over the years with this sweet one from Honeybee Ceramics.

It's so nice having a newly painted (not to mention thoroughly cleaned and reorganized) room that I keep finding excuses to hang out in there (the poor fish is going to be overfed).


  1. I love that light switch :). That is a bold colour, you are right that it is a bit like toothpaste in your photos but if it is not like that in real life then that's good!

    1. Thanks! I like it in real life, toothpaste or no! :)


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