Monday, May 21, 2018

Three Teenagers

Another successful (or at least survived) Birthday Season having come to a close, we now have a house full of teenagers. That's right: E and Z turned 13 on Thursday and M turned 17 Sunday.

Now I'll be the last person to tell any new parent (or any parent) that "It gets easier." Because, while you do spend less time bathed in your child's bodily fluids, the "it" becomes a bit more existential. However, I recently spent some time rereading early blog posts and let's just say, whatever teenagers have in store for me over the next seven years, I'm pretty glad they're not toddlers any more. Let's just take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

But now? Now they all sleep through the night. They get themselves dressed. They haven't puked in my bed in years. They even clean the house (with much reminding/coaxing/cajoling).

And at least one of them cleans up pretty good.

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