Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 New Year's Resolutions and To Do List

-Get finances in order (joint checking act? write budget. deferred comp plan?)
-Write will (life insurance? who gets kids????)
-Finish works in progress (8 year old orange scarf; 10 year old rayon skirt--send to sister)
-Write daily (Wild Mind; What If?; Writing the Natural Way)
-Finish/Submit more work
-Practice Mindfulness
-Go to yoga/pilates classes at lunchtime
-Organize house (kids' room--bunk beds, book shelves; basement; arts & crafts)
-Do more spontaneous creativity with kids
-Read Dickens
-Continue w/ Zine--3 issues
-Carve out creative time daily
-Be patient
-Return to Nature Journal (daily? weekly?)
-Finish "Drawing on Right Side of Brain" workbook (started in 2005!)
-Practice Gratitude (Xmas Thank-You Notes first)
-Deal with anxiety/stress (yoga? pills? Rescue Remedy?)
-Suspend disbelief more often
-Join YMCA (Xmas gift certificate)
-Learn to shop at thrift stores
-Swim weekly (need goggle strap--old one melted--and poss new suit?)

P. S. Check out my essay in my alma mater's alumni newsletter.


  1. Inspiring list - I will steal some and add a few like grow something (herbs?), use library (rather than amazon) and check one off for me - decide on a blogger ID!

  2. Andrea, you're already the most patient person I know.

    I know; I do that. You wrote it down so you can cross it off immediately.

  3. A very ambitious list! Mine will be shorter.

    Love the essay!


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