Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Handmade Holiday, Part II: The Sweatshop

There is great relief in knowing I am DONE...other than a couple of pies and some Stollen...one big project I just had to let go of, and decide I would finish it after Christmas; several others I never even started (maybe some other time). I had wanted to make something for all seven (seven!) of M's teachers (and the bus driver) but that will have to wait until the end of the year (better get started in March). Overall I am quite pleased to have pulled off a largely handmade holiday. I did buy some things...socks, underwear, a stereoscope microscope for M, a lyre for E and Z (part of my quest to be a Waldorf wanna-be), a pair of axes for C (hope they get here in time!), some used books for everyone, some art supplies...not a totally buy-nothing Christmas (to which my bank account will attest), but not too bad overall.

A Million Mittens
(that's E's foot in the corner)

A flock of birds.

Three kinds of candy.

I packaged mittens, candy and a bird, along with a jar of handmade beeswax handcream from the farm down the road for most of our adult relatives. After I made the candy, I learned my dad has been diagnosed with diabetes and then I remembered my sister and her husband are on Weight Watchers. Oops.

Freezer Paper Stencils Shirts

I found two brand-new white turtlenecks in our hand-me-down box. Score.

Crazy Pants and Stenciled Shirts.

Now I know why everyone's addicted to freezer paper stenciling. Even with very limited artistic skill, you can produce great results!

C's bucket hat.It's supposed to look like this, but I don't know...it's my first attempt at crochet (see that little tail of yarn? I have to have someone at work show me how to finish it!
A superhero cape for M, who's the only one to not get one at birthday time.

And finally, gnome ornaments.


  1. Jeez, Andrea. I'm overwhelmed at your industry, creativity and energy. I feel lucky to have the tree decorated.

  2. so good. just so good.

    oh, i just got a sewing machine for christmas. are we all in trouble now? i've been chomping on the bit to start sewing stuff on the boys' shirts-- will have to look up this freezer paper stencling thing.

  3. ok, just looked up this freezer paper stencil thing and learned that i don't even NEED a sewing machine for them. oh no-- this is definitely trouble!


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