Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cardboard Furniture

I'd like to think that some day I will be grown up enough to have real furniture, you know, made out of wood and stuff, but I seem to be unable to relinquish the old college standbys of cardboard and egg crate. I've had a problem figuring out how to store the kids' art supplies since M was little and he had an "art table" in the corner, which was really just a kid-sized table piled about a foot high with papers, coloring books, crayons, glue, etc.

I've tried storing art supplies in the bathroom cabinet, but out of sight they didn't get used much...also now with two extra people we need the storage space. I've tried those plastic drawer thingies, which are not at all attractive, and one of which I still have in our sun room (and the other in M's room). Recently I tried to get everything in order in a place near our kitchen/dining area table, and resorted to stacking two sturdy cardboard boxes on each other after failing to find a nice book shelf at a few antique stores.

Then during my spring cleaning frenzy last week, I tried to make more space in the sun room, and brought this little table/desk (which I paid waaay too much money for at an antique store several years ago) to the area and eliminated one of the cardboard boxes, creating a little art storage zone, to make it easier to get started on a project (of course M still says every single night when it's time to do his homework, "I can't find a pencil!" and E and Z have a hard time seeing their crayons there, right front and center. Sigh!)

It doesn't compare to this fantastic set-up, but I'm fresh out of chicken coops (I'd probably freak out about it being covered in lead paint, or chicken poop anyway) and it is a big improvement over some of the teetering mounds of junk we've had in the past, so it will have to do.


  1. The desk is beautiful, Andrea and everything looks so neat and tidy!
    If M wants a pencil, I think we still have an overabundance!

  2. Beautiful! I am still in piles if chaos.

  3. This is just one tiny reduced-chaos corner--I'm still battling piles in the rest of the house.


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