Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Tiny Hat

I made this little hat for the baby shower I went to last weekend.

It's actually one of a pair of hats I started for E and Z when they were babies, but didn't get very far on either of them (who was I kidding? I was taking care of twin infants and a four-year-old. Just getting my teeth brushed on a daily basis was a major accomplishment). Also, this pattern was excessively complicated with way more pieces and steps than necessary (Simplicity? Not). But, without two babies demanding my constant attention, I was able to sew it up one night last week. I was totally amazed by how SMALL it is--like it was meant to fit over a grapefruit. I can't even believe that E and Z ever had heads that small (maybe they didn't?). So strange, these moments when you realize your kids are growing faster than you can even comprehend.

I also made another little wooden and ribbon teether. I like how they turn out, but next time I think I'll hand-sew the ribbons; my machine likes to eat thread when trying to sew tiny things.

I was going to make another pair of cloth baby shoes too, but I was really tired by Thursday night and I gave myself permission to not make don't know how liberating that was for me. It was a "no gifts please" shower anyway, so I was already breaking the rules (in my defense, I didn't actually BUY anything--the hat has been waiting completion for nearly four years--and now counts as a tick-off on my "works-in-progress list--and the teether ribbons were left over from the other one I made). I also included a super-cute stuffed giraffe that had been M's and I wrapped it all up in a well-used receiving blanket (you can never have too many receiving blankets--unless, of course, your kids are eight and four!)

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  1. so cute. i'm bummed i didn't see the hat & teether when i was in noho but will look forward to seeing baby j wearing it, drooling on it...


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