Friday, April 3, 2009

Wonderful Kids

I woke up very early this morning worrying that what I wrote in yesterday's post might come off wrong. I read many blogs about many wonderful kids--mostly they are written by my friends and I can vouch for it--they do have awesome kids. And I may possibly have mentioned a time or two that my kids are wonderful too. If not, for the record: M, Z and E = wonderful. The point I was trying to make (clearly I have a problem making my points!) is that parenting is hard sh*t and it's nice to have the companionship of someone who has been through the same (or worse) when you're going through the rough patches. So yes, write away about your great kids (I probably don't do that enough!) but also tell me about those times you are going to gouge your own eyes out with a grapefruit spoon if you don't get just five minutes peace! (Which is exactly how I have felt for the last three weeks solid--except I did get a few hours peace last night at dinner with a friend and I feel muuuuuch better now.)


  1. Step away from the grapefruit spoon. I need it.

  2. Ditto over here. One of the twins said other day that he wants to grow up so he can be angry like Mommy. Arrggg!

    As for blogging: Soulemama seems quite honest in her post - that there are rough times but her writing helps her to focus on the good. That's powerful. But I agree, Andrea, if I only ever heard the good about parenting, I would feel like I dropped from another planet. I've learned a lot from reading about the rough patches and I'm inspired by reading about the good days. (And your blog has both!)

  3. ohhhh please, i would never want to hang with anyone who loves *every* aspect about parenting b/c i don't think we would have much in common. parenting IS hard & messy & chaotic & disheartening at times. yes, it also is totally cool & joyous & wonderous & magical, but all that other stuff, too....


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