Thursday, May 28, 2009

First Local Meal of the Season

Saturday C and I found ourselves miraculously home alone--the kids were all gone at their grandparents'--for part of the day, and while I spent most of the time cleaning my kitchen (even mopping the floor for the first time in eons), I did get a chance to cook up a luncheon for two made almost entirely of local ingredients.

Our neighbor who has a small farm dropped off a half-dozen goose eggs the other day. Apparently the bottom dropped out of his goose egg market and he was driving them around the neighborhood giving them away.

C picked our first harvest--a bunch of gorgeous Easter-egg radishes.

I sauteed the radishes in butter (unfortunately not home-made) and salt, steamed and sauteed the radish greens and scrambled the greens with the goose eggs and some chives, oregano and sage picked from the herb garden.

A nice white wine would have finished the meal off perfectly, but all we had was water (very local!) To tell the truth, the radishes gave me a touch of indigestion. I need to review the cooking technique before trying them again (we had some raw and some in fritatta the next day and neither bothered me). Oh, and yes, goose eggs taste just like chicken eggs (despite C's mom--who was there sharing our alone time--claiming they taste fishy and don't conform to her "kosher" diet.)
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