Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lazy Mother's Day Cards

It just occurred to me yesterday that Mother's Day is coming up (OK, I knew it was coming, but I was in denial about my having to actually DO anything about it) and that I should get some cards for the various mother/stepmother/grandmother characters in our lives (there are a lot). I had to go to the health food store after work anyway, so I looked around for some cards there (none), and the card/gift shop on the way home has gone out of business (dang), so I was going to put the whole process off for another day when it struck like a bolt of lightening--my kids could MAKE cards!!

We haven't been doing much creative around our house lately...despite my big plans for this to be the year of Spontaneous Creativity. Maybe it's because the weather has been nicer and we've been outside more. Maybe it's because I'm so freakin' obsessed with organizing my house, I ignore my children and all else (including regular's one of those conundrums in life that organizing your house actually makes it messier...or maybe that's just me!).

I thought briefly about getting out crayons or paints after dinner, when I remembered we had all these little water color paintings the boys have made over the winter. I usually cut the water color paper in halves, quarters or even eighths to make it go further (that stuff's expensive!). Also, the littler ones seem to do better with the smaller paper...they focus right in and are careful with their painting, rather than making Rorschach blots (we made "butterflies" like this once, and now they always want to fold their paintings in half.

M wrote the messages inside a half sheet of card stock, folded in half. E and Z made some vaguely "E" and "Z" shaped squiggles. Then we glued the watercolors to fronts and voila! Mother's Day Cards.

(That would be two grandmas, three great-grandmas and one step-grandma, with two extra held in reserve for Father's Day).

On another note, I'm taking a poll: What is the appropriate age for a first pocket knife?


  1. Paranoid Mama says: 20. 40 for boys.

    That said, I had a GS knife at 10. My GS doesn't, though.

  2. I am all for the handmade cards & I bet all the gramas were too. They looked great.

    Pocket knife-- have absolutely no idea. No one in this home is asking for them yet so we are currently dodging that bullet...


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