Friday, May 29, 2009

Sailing, Sailing

I went to Rockland Sunday to visit a dear, dear friend who is moving to Western Colorado next week. While I'm extremely happy for her, I'm feeling very sorry for myself. While there, we went on a spontaneous sail in Penobscot Bay on their sailboat.

When her husband went out to fetch the boat in my new canoe (small compensation for being abandoned on the East Coast), he found the tide extremely low and got bogged down a bit. While we waited for our captain to unbog himself, we found all of these big red crabs stranded on the boat launch. Most of them were already dead and/or devoured by seagulls, but this one was still kicking and I transported him (her?) back into the water. I've never even seen big crabs like this in real life (alive in situ), so it was kind of cool, but also disconcerting.

It was a gorgeous evening...the off-again-on-again showers all day had given way to blue blue sky and sunshine. It was only the second time I've been sailing in all (13??) the years I've lived in Maine. I must say, the company this time was much, much more enjoyable. We saw two porpoises and one seal waved its flipper at us.

After collecting some paperbacks and house plants and wresting with canoe straps, I made the long, lonely drive home. Good luck in Colorado JM!!


  1. So what you're saying is your first sail was on the Titravate... The one picture is postcard perfect and makes people in Western Colorado (or Phoenix) long to be in Maine sister.

  2. Maine sounds lovely.

    I'm sorry your friend is moving!

  3. oh this entry made me extra weepy. sniff, sniff...

  4. The post obviously left me with the same thoughts as other commenters-- Certainly on days like this, you are most happy to live in Maine.


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