Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ringing In the New Year

Well 2009 wrapped up quite well for me in the end, though the first ten-and-a-half months were pretty painful. I asked a friend of mine while on a short road trip last spring how she had made the move to turn her life around from a series of dead-end jobs to a three-year intensive school program that put her on the path of a wonderful career. She told me I had to hit rock-bottom first. Believe me, things were feeling pretty granite-like. So while I've done nothing so dramatic as going back to school and changing my career completely (I really think I should win an award for the person who has CONTEMPLATED the greatest number of graduate programs without actually following through--or even applying--or even taking the entrance exams), things have started to look up the last month or so. I'll keep you posted as to how it goes (in fact you'll probably know before I do if I sink into another March in Maine--or is it Maine in March?--depression).

Anyhoo, I just reviewed my New Years Resolutions and To Do List for 2009. My results? Pretty dismal. Lots of incompletes. I did join the Y and swim weekly from January through June (yea!). I did start to balance my checkbook (at least three times...ugh). I did finally read Dickens (I made it all the way through A Christmas Carol--last week!--it's kind of been a holiday tradition of mine to start that book every December and never finish). I was definitely not patient or grateful (we did send out Christmas thank-yous last year, though).

It seems I still have a lot of work to do. I'll keep that list on hand as kind of a running self-improvement plan, though without any specific deadline for finishing (should probably get that damn will written--apparently you can buy one for $1 at the probate court).

As for 2010 specifically? I kind of want to give myself a break. Learn to accept who I am as I am (though keeping that list in mind...ahem...writing every day for instance). Though C did buy me this book, One Year to an Organized Work Life, for Christmas. I'm not a super-big fan of self-help books, but I think it's sweet that he's so excited about my new job and wants to help me be successful (probably he hopes that if I like my work, I'll be less of a shrew at home). I'm trying to convince him to go through the book with me (on the principle that I'll be more successful if I don't spend the whole time thinking, "This is helpful, but you know who could really benefit from this advice?" Let's say he could use a little assistance in the organizational realm as well). I'm hoping (and I gather from the introduction) that my home life will ride on the wave of organization I'm bringing to my work...or something.

How about you? How did 2009 wind up? What are your hopes and plans for 2010? And is it just me, or are these years flying by now that we're all old with kids?


  1. They sure are flying by. I didn't meet my goals for 2009, but I have hope for 2010.

  2. Happy New Year!

    I want to hear more about the new gig sometime.

  3. May One Year to an Organized Work Life bless your work related goals in 2010!



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