Friday, January 29, 2010

It's the Neighborly Thing to Do

The most amazing thing just happened. I cut and pasted some HTML gobbledygook into this little box and, when I look at it in preview, a picture appears. Amazing.

Anyway, the point of the picture (below...oh yeah and it's a link, too, click on it and see what happens) is that I'm not here today because I'm there, visiting my neighbor, Amy, who lives a good 3000 miles away, but was kind enough to invite me to guest post on her blog.

So please do go and read my little post, about some really terrific parenting advice I tried to implement a while back. And then go back some more and read what Amy has to say, because she's really smart and really funny and she has three boys too. And isn't that reason enough to give someone a few minutes of your day?

Update: OK, maybe not so amazing after all, cause I somehow managed to direct you to a post from December, which, while I'm sure is delightful, is not mine. I've tried to fix it so give it another try!


  1. Thanks again for guest posting for me! Come be my neighbor anytime!


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