Friday, May 7, 2010

A Pocketful of Wishes

I've been struggling lately with how to find time to fit in both blogging and reading the blogs I love with everything else I need and want to do in a day. Now I know I don't need to complain to you about not having enough time in the day--it's our lot in life as busy moms. However, I know I don't want to give up either blogging or reading blogs. One of the many reasons I love reading others' blogs (along with the connection, the catharsis, the sense that I'm not alone, the inspiration, etc.) is that I learn so much from others who just have better sensibilities about the right thing to do (for example, the value of the thank-you note).

I have never been a person who was good at being there for others in a time of need. I never feel like I know what to do or say and do they really want me around anyway? However I have been deeply moved by the beautiful handwork created by many bloggers out there for friends and family who are going through tough times.

So it occurred to me the other day to make a little something for a little friend of ours who's spending some time in the hospital.
The boys all drew cards and I made a little pillow with a pocket to put our wishes into. I stuffed it with buckwheat hulls and herbs (though later it occurred to me that wool would have been a softer and quieter choice for someone who is stuck in bed than noisy, crunchy buckwheat hulls).
We sent along some books and paperdolls and a little toy to keep both our friend and her brother and sister entertained while in a strange place. Who doesn't love to play with paper dolls (apparently a lot of people, cause they're hard to find!)? I remember getting paper dolls when I was sick and they always cheered me up. I hope our wishes can cheer up our little friend and her family just a bit.


  1. Great idea, and I love the fairy fabric. I also think paper dolls are so sweet, and I have a couple waiting for my girls in my gift stash. If you ever find yourself in a position where you're looking for them, check out Dover Publications online. I've never ordered any, but they have a ton of them (along with a million other cool things.)

  2. That is a beautiful pillow Andrea.
    I know what you mean about finding time for blogs. My week without a computer was so nice, I think I might take an intentional break every now and then.

  3. this is just darling! i love the fabric too, and your chain-stitched name is lovely!


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