Thursday, May 27, 2010

Betcha didn't know...

...that I'm married to the Hardest Working Man in America, didja?

Check him out!

(P.S. I tried very hard to embed the video here, but clearly I lack some secret Blogger you'll have to click on the link.)


  1. TOO COOL! What a neat job he has made!

    I gotta question for your resident expert about all this energy efficiency stuff. My house is so old and bendy that it is definitely the antithesis of "tight" and I know we could do a lot to save energy by making it tighter, already gets moldy and musty and dusty and stuff. I actually worry that a tight house would be bad for us in terms of air quality. I think we sort of need the breezes - what's y'all's take on that?

  2. Well, there you go!!! How did this happen? Not you marrying Curry, of course, but how he got featured on that!

    I liked the quick shots of the boys (no M, huh?) but I admit I would have loved to see more of them.... It does make me realize that I have never actually met Curry.

  3. I love it! What a cool and interesting job he has. I loved how many times he mentioned his family in the interview :).

  4. That was fantastic in ten different ways!

  5. Hi Lone Star Ma--

    I forwarded your comment to the Hardest Working Man in America, but apparently he's also the busiest man in America, so I'll attempt to answer your question myself, with what I assume (based on overhearing about 10,000 phone conversations with clients) he would say: It's better to tighten up (i.e. insulate, air and vapor barrier) your house as much as possible and have controlled ventillation--ideally a heat recovery ventillator, that allows for ideal air exchange, without loss of heat; I assume there's a hot-climate corrolary for those of you in the air conditioner part of the world (by the way insulation is also good for keeping houses cooler in summer). In our house (which we built before HWMIM had a complete understanding of the importance of ventillation) we have exhaust fans in the bathroom and the kitchen, which we use for EVERY shower/bath and every time we turn on the stove to vent moisture (and CO) out of the house, with passive air inlets (i.e. fancy holes in the wall) to allow replacement air to come in, still there's some window condensation in winter (which is where the HRV would be better). As far as dust, goes, I don't know what one does about that, although I like to daydream that a HEPA vac will cure all of our dust woes (we live in the woods--the very pollen-ey woods) on a dirt driveway and have lots of dust).

    Good luck and see if Texas has any Building Performance International certified home energy auditors to help you figure this all out--there are a lot of incentives out there right now for energy efficiency.


  6. Sara--
    Well, he may or may not be related to the movie producer. Next time you guys are in Maine we'll have to get our whole families together so you can meet the HWMIA. Or maybe we should outfit a camper van and become the traveling energy auditing family, so we can visit our friends all over the country.


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