Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Leapin' Llamas

The boys and I braved the drizzling-with-occasional-deluges weather Sunday and attended the Maine Fiber Frolic.

There are so many fairs and festivals in Maine that you could attend one every weekend from Memorial Day through Columbus Day, if you were so inclined. When M was small, I think tried to hit them all--he developed his terror of farm animals when a cow mooed at him at the Pittston Fair when he was one; he was traumatized by a man on stilts dressed like Elton John and carrying a honking goose puppet at the Gardiner Festival and Antique Car Parade when he was two (the next week, at the Whitefield Fourth of July Parade, he asked if there would be any "tall men," I assured him there wouldn't and then was proved a liar when two Uncle Sam's on stilts marched by. What are the chances?); I was traumatized by the gross commercialism, militarism (the National Guard always has a major presence), junk-food-ism, and religious proselytism at the Kids' Day in Augusta.

These days we avoid most of the other offerings, but make sure to hit the Fiber Frolic in June and the Windsor Fair in September (mostly for the maple cotton candy). The Frolic is my favorite Maine fair--no noisy midway, no crowds, lots of cute animals, good food and beautiful fiber. Due to the damp weather, we did not spend quite as much time frolicking this year as we did last year (and the sheep dogs, sadly, did not come), but we had a good time:

watching llamas leap

petting bunnies

eating falafel (and hot dogs)

and ice cream (and fried dough).

I came home with just a little bit of wool roving--some bright, fun colors.

Not sure what I'll do with it, but I think I'll try something different than the birds.
Also a set of five baskets and a little gnome whom I could not resist.

Hope you had a frolicking good weekend!


  1. Those are some fuzzy bunnies! Sounds lovely!

  2. You have falafel at your fairs...or, eh, frolics? I'm jealous. We attended a fair last weekend and the closest thing I could find to good food was fried dough. I choked it down.

    I'm also really impressed by that leaping llama. Our neighbors keep llamas (we refer to the llamas as the Obama llamas because there was a huge Obama-Biden sign in their yard in '08, unusual in these parts) but I've never seen them leap. Now I'm tempted to set up a circus ring to put them through their paces...

  3. Oh this isn't your average fair...usually it's just fried dough, french fries and other things with the word "fry" in them (bloomin' onions anyone?)...I make sure to hit the fairs with the falafel tent. They also have llama limbo and a llama drill team (both of which we missed this year, but have enjoyed in the past)...do encourage your friends to put their llamas through the paces; it's most entertaining!

  4. My daughter would love this!

  5. Looks like such a unique day of fun! The wool looks lovely. Enjoy creating with it! xo m.


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