Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Office for a Day

On Friday morning, after dropping my mom off to catch the bus that would take her to South Station, I took myself to the Standard Baking Co. in Portland and then to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth (after a bit of driving around in circles--these east coast towns are sooo confusing! Give me a grid, people!!).

I had never been here, to the home of Portland Head Light before. In fact, I didn't even really know that this "most photographed place in Maine" was here, until my mom and I went on a harbor cruise the previous day.

I had the day off, courtesy of the State of Maine, and the boys had had so many "stay home days" over the previous two weeks I felt not at all guilty letting C take them to school. So I had this glorious day all to myself.

I had great expectations of all the writing I would accomplish--finish the book for my class, write my response, read the first lecture, do both the exercises, work on my column for The Motherhood Muse, do my assignment for writing group. It turned out I was not nearly as far along in the book as I thought I was, so I spent the entire day sitting by the ocean, reading. It's a rough life, I know.
Later I stopped in South Portland for a late sandwich and saw another lighthouse (Bug Light--'cause it's as cute as a bug, according to the harbor cruise captain).
Who knew there were all these lighthouses along the rocky coast of Maine?


  1. Those light houses are very photogenic. How fun to have the day to yourself and go on a bit of an adventure.



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