Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Frolicking and Letting Go

Saturday I participated in a long-anticipated yard sale at my friend's house...it was to be the Yard Sale the Would Change My Life. Starting back in March, I've been methodically cleaning (and by cleaning I mean tearing apart and putting back together) every room in the house, sorting through everything to stuff to jettison from my life. An enormous tower of boxes built up in my basement, just waiting for the day of cleansing.

I filled my car to and beyond maximum capacity (this was my second load and I'm sure I was violating some traffic rules having blocked the view out the entire right side of the car) and trundled half an hour away to Manchester early Saturday morning. The hawks started coming around as soon as I started unloading at 6:30 a.m. The first thing to go was a pink glass candle holder that held the candle on our wedding "altar." I felt a pang of sentimentality as I took fifty cents for it... but I let it go.

"Letting Go" is the Pillar of Mindfulness I'm focusing on this month...I find it's not easy for me.
After seven hours I had made about 100 bucks and sold most of the bigger, bulkier items. The rest, except one yellow chair and a six iced tea glasses (anyone want a set of nice iced tea glasses?) I deposited at Goodwill and the library (six boxes of books--two from my friend--awaiting their book sale later this month). So was it a life changing experience? Hmmm...not so much...at least I didn't wake up Sunday morning a New Woman, ready to sit down and bang out a novel on the manual typewriter which did NOT make its way to the sale. I did feel a little bit of, "hmmm...wonder if I shouldn't have gotten rid of X?" and at least three of my family members have brought up items that went in the last 24 hours (despite the fact that they've been out of circulation and hanging out in the basement for months). I'm hoping the big release...the realization that I'm no longer being held hostage by certain material belongings will come soon. Or maybe I should just Let It Go....

Sunday, I took the kids to the Fiber Frolic, which I would happily (and successfully) argue is the BEST fair in Maine--no noisy midway, no greasy carnies, no long drive, long wait to park, long lines or crowds. Only $4 entrance fee (kids free), a lot of cool fiber animals and a lot of cool fiber people. I should probably keep my opinion to myself, or the Common Ground Fair hordes might start taking over this fair too!

First E was visited by a dragonfly in the parking field. It hung with us for a good 15 minutes.

Then we watched the sheep dog demonstrations, which always make me want to get some sheep, goats and a few border collies (you know, to fill up my spare time).
Followed by Llamas.

And more llamas.

And even Leaping Llamas.
The children's activity tent is great--totally low-key with fun crafts every year. Here M makes a god's eye.
Z colors a blue cat.
And E dances with the shakers he made out of film canisters and toilet paper tubes.
They even have my favorite fair food booth. And I made the most amazing discovery--hot dogs! There was a time when I would shudder at even the suggestion of feeding my children the lips, lids and a**holes contained in the natural casings, but they're on $2 at the fair (compared to M's $6 sausage and my $7 falafel)...and I didn't have to coax anyone to eat them (they did partake of my sweet potato fries for some healthy vegetable matter and vitamin A).
Oh, yeah, and lots and lots of gorgeous fiber!
All I bought was some brown and grey wool roving for needle-felting birds (of which I think I lost my light brown skein out of my bag--because I declined the proffered plastic bag--only $1 worth of wool, but I needed it! Let it go). Someday, though, I'll have the time and skills to harness some of those gorgeous yarns into beautiful sweaters and things. There were also some beautiful baskets for really good prices that I waffled on and ended up not getting (and regretting). Let it go.
We finished the day with some delicious John's Ice Cream ($1 cheaper than at the Common Ground Fair, and the line was about 25 minutes shorter...convinced yet?) Three boys, three flavors, a perfect Neapolitan: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate.
We pretty much closed down the fair (having arrived shortly after opening), happy and content and tired. Next year, though, I think I'll take the kids Saturday and go back by myself Sunday to take some workshops and browse unencumbered. Who wants to come with me?


  1. so love this last photo w/ hats & the three different flavored ice cream. sounds like a truly fun day.

    ok, maybe your life wasn't changed but you decluttered your house (huge) & ended up with $100 you didn't have before....

  2. Me. But I can't. (And I kind of like greasy carnies.) But it sounds lovely.

  3. oooh oooh oooh...me, down here in Connecticut hell....take me!

  4. Guess I'm not the first to say that I'll come next year, (remember four years ago?), but I would love to!! We are going to the Estes Park Wool Market on Sunday, wish all five of you could come to it!!


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