Monday, September 20, 2010

Good news!

My poem First Practice was one of six poems from Vox Poetica nominated for Best of the Net. I'm not sure what that means, practically-speaking, but I feel very honored to have my poem selected from among the many outstanding pieces on the site!


  1. Great poem, and Congratulations! I admire people who can convey strong imagery with so few and simple words. I'm always much more verbose. I guess that's why I've always written prose instead of poetry :).

  2. Wow, congratulations! I loved it, and am laughing because I don't remember a moment in which I realized my Saturdays would be swallowed whole and yet they were. You are far wiser than I!

  3. WAY TO GO!!!! That is SO wonderful! And that is totally a wonderful poem - the kind one remembers always.


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