Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Men's Work

Last Saturday I took a little break from my day to sit outside and do a little hand-sewing on a small project. E joined me and tried his hand at blanket stitch, then decided he wanted to work on his knitting. In May, when my mom was here and knitting up a storm, E decided it was time to graduate from finger knitting and try the real thing. At first he just sat on my mom's lap and held the needles while she did the knitting. Over the summer he's picked it up off and on, taking over a little more of the actual knitting each time, to the point that last weekend, he was doing it all, I just held the needles to keep them from sliding out of the stitches (he's a loose knitter).
When it got too cold and we went inside, I found Z in the kitchen doing this:

He helped C make homemade pasta and sauce from start to finish. I love that these boys, despite having rather strong feelings about pink and purple NOT being colors they like (at least one of them has a strong opposition to "girl" colors), and despite HATING flowers (except when they forget and pick me a bouquet), are eager knitters and sewers and cooks, and in fact have no gendered associations with those activities.

Hurray for boys who knit and sew and cook!


  1. Yes, men/boys' work. Lucky for the rest of us that you are sending such well-rounded fellas out into the world.


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