Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Back to My Roots, Part II: Flower Tea and a Giveaway

First, let me tell you that part of this giveaway is a regift.  My mother-in-law gave me A Woman's Book of Herbs by Deb Soule, famed Maine herbalist of Avena Botanicals, for Christmas.  Which I believe was a regift, because I'm pretty sure C gave the book to her for Christmas a few years ago.

In any case, it's practically brand new, other than a slight discoloration of the cover, and appears to never have been opened (and, I just found out, is out of print).  I already had a copy of the book, under its previous title, The Roots of Healing, so I thought, who would appreciate a copy of this book?  And the answer, of course, was you.

But I didn't want to just give you someone else's old book, so I decided to make an herbal preparation to go with it as part of the package (and part of my return to my witchy ways).  Under the chapter "As We Grow Older" is a recipe for Flower Tea.  Soule recommends a number of herbs for the tea, but suggests experimenting with flowers and proportions, so I headed to the local health food store and picked whatever flowers from the bulk herb bin looked and smelled good.

Then I did a little taste test to try and figure out an appropriate combination.  Each of them tasted good--sweet, delicate and fragrant, so I decided to go with equal proportions of:

Red Clover

The results look stunning in a jar, and the tea tastes lovely--lightly sweet, definitely floral, very pleasant.  It's good alone or with honey, or a shot of ginger syrup.

Many of these herbs are calming and soothing to the nerves, as well as aiding digestion and beneficial to the immune system.  I think it will make a general all-around winter tonic.  Just the bright cheeriness of the colors of the flowers is enough to lift the spirits.

I've included in this giveaway, along with the book, a packet of flower tea, a flax and lavender soothing eye pillow, made with my favorite-ever Kaffe Fasset print (also out of print, which is tragic) on one side and soft pink flannel on the other, and a bar of lavender-blueberry chocolate (for its nerve-soothing properties, of course).

To enter to win, leave a comment on this post between now and midnight EST February 9, telling me about your favorite herbal, natural or home remedy.  Remember to include your email address so I can contact you if you win.  


  1. Ooh, I would love this! I, too, just returned to potion-making after a post-kids hiatus (and I also blogged about it a couple of days ago!) This is such an awesome giveaway. Who cares that it's a re-gift? It sounds like its new owner will appreciate it much more :).

  2. Wow, what a generous giveaway! The book sounds facinating...and your treats would be a perfect way to get through this last bit of winter. Right now my only go-to herbal remedy are the Yogi teas that my kids and I rely on heavily during cold season. I keep saying I want to make my own and this sounds like the perfect way to get started!!

  3. That sounds wonderful. I don't use this anymore, but definitely the most important herbs in my life were the blessed thistle and fenugreek I used to take to help out ye old milk supply during my Pumping Queen days.

  4. I would love this! I think I am going to attempt your ginger syrup this weekend.

  5. ooo, i just transferred my herbal tomes to a new shelf - and there's most definitely room for more. ;) tea sounds yummmy!

  6. How wonderful, I have been looking for a copy of this unfortunately out-of-print book. My favourite herbal remedy is always the one I've used most recently, but some of those I love most, because of their simplicity and effectiveness are the classic yarrow, elderflower and mint cold and flu tea, and a simple first aid salve of equal parts yarrow, calendula, and st. john's wort. Plantain and chickweed are my favorites to grab from the edges of the garden to soothe summer bites, rashes, scrapes and burns. (fireweed.meadow (at)

  7. how generous of you :)I love herbal teas,thx for the chance.I have just discovered yor blog and love it :)


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