Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Remember those BIG things I started working on last month?  I'm actually making progress.

First--ta-da--I finished the sweater.  Yes it's very hand-knit looking and does not fit great, but it's done, which means I can knit a sweater!  In only 1.5 months even.

I'm blocking it as we speak.  Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't shrink.

See that dangling string?  That's all the yarn that was left when I finished, which is about as close as you can come to running out of yarn without actually running out of yarn.
 I have been working doggedly at M's quilt, first cutting (and cutting) and now piecing, working one hour each weekend.  I have to say, the actual work of quilting is most tedious.  I like the planning and designing and the being done, but that middle part?  Not so much.  Am trying to be mindful and focus on The Moment as I do it, but mostly I just count down to the end of the hour.  I'm a little nervous about knocking over my pile of pieces and getting everything all mixed up and out of order.

And, finally, I'm almost done with Issue #12 of my zine.  I just need to come up with a title and a cover image and drop it at the printer.  Hopefully I'll pull that off (or out, as the case may be) in the next couple of days.  No photo, 'cause there's not much to look at but a pile of marked-up paper, but soon, very soon, I'll have more to share along those lines.

As I've mentioned before, accomplishing things is a key to my happiness (or non-depression), and a some stuff I've been reading lately about happiness confirms that people need growth for happiness.  I think these big projects (among other little ones) have greatly helped keep the February Funk away...now I just need to come up with something even bigger for the even more discouraging March Malaise.

What are you doing to survive winter?


  1. The sweater is beautiful! And I can't believe you finished it so quickly. I know we all say this about each other, but I really don't know how you manage to do so much.

  2. Fingers officially crossed for no shrinkage. I am impressed with your purposeful (and beautiful) efforts to keep the winter blues at bay!

    I have a number of cosmetic home improvement projects I'm trying to finish this season. Dining room trim, ready for my eager hand and brush since November, is first on the list.

  3. you go, lady! i am way impressed! that sweater looks fantastic on you! and man, that cut it close!


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