Thursday, July 3, 2014

To the Beach!

I've been feeling like summer's passing me by.

The Fourth of July already?

Might as well pack up the barbecue grill and start back-to-school shopping.

(Just kidding--I'm not quite that pessimistic. And we don't even own a barbecue grill. And I didn't even know how to spell barbecue until right now. Why isn't it que?)

Anyway, suddenly, finally, it was hot.

And we had a brief reprieve from baseball.

Yes, Virginia, it's still baseball season. (One final game to go--E and Z's championship game--if we could get a thunderstorm-free evening).

So I picked the kids up from a slumber party.

 Tired, cranky kids, still dressed in their pajamas, who had lost half of their belongings at the sleepover.

And bought some bagels with cream cheese and fancy chips and beverages.

And threw buckets and shovels and binoculars and a Frisbee in the car.

And we went to the beach.

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