Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Life in Colonial Times

Last week, E and Z went to camp participated in the apprenticeship program at our local colonial era historic park.

They--both fans of the familiar and comfortable--did not want to do this, but I signed them up anyway.

They both let their dissatisfaction with this arrangement be known.

But by the last day, when they had a lemonade and cookie celebration (although, sadly, no contra dancing, which they did when M went),

They excitedly showed me around the whole fort and house.

The cannon, of course, was a huge hit.

As were the little holes through which soldiers aimed their guns.

But they were just as excited about the wool carding.

And weaving.

And flax spinning.

The whole place was full of fascinating things and reminders of how much easier life is today.

Like fold-down beds.

And one-armed clocks.
Not to mention indicators of how far we've come gender role wise.

It was also a fascinating mix of very rustic and very regal.

I think, despite their protests (and the painful logistics of trying to work a 3-1/2 hour day camp into an eight-hour work day), it was worth it. If nothing else, just to see them dressed in breeches and linen shirts and waistcoats.

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