Tuesday, March 10, 2015


All the world is still as covered with white as a frosted cake.

And when I tried to go for a walk without snowshoes on Sunday, I sank to my thighs with every step.

Mornings are still cold. Ten degrees. Or seven. Or negative thirteen.

It is far too early to declare spring, but there is a change in the air, a hint.

The sun noticeably higher in the sky.

The rays brighter, more direct.

Afternoons 43, 44, even 48 degrees.

C went out and tapped trees on Sunday.

And there's a fragrance in the woods, like the earth breathing out a sigh after a long, long rest.

No, winter's not over yet, but its icy grip is just starting to break.


  1. It is starting to break, and we are loving it. We tapped the other day, just a few trees, and I have been in the garden shoveling out :)

    1. I'm trying not to get too excited, because there's sure to be a lot of snow and cold (and mud!) in the months ahead, but it feels good to thaw out a bit.

  2. Is that a child on the roof!!! We are warming up too, so looking forward to spring :)

    1. That's two children on the roof (and a third one climbed up after I took the picture). Sometimes you just have to sigh and grab the camera (there was a giant mountain of snow right up to the edge of the roof that they slid down onto--it wasn't a very soft pile of snow, and didn't look that much fun to me, but they seemed to think it was a riot).

  3. Beautifully written, echoing my thoughts as well... It was -19'C with the wind today and still, the sun was so hot through our living room window that it felt like summer... my kids running around the house in bare feet and short sleeves. I have a feeling Spring will come hard and fast *fingers crossed*... In the mean time, stay warm!


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