Friday, March 13, 2015


I had so much fun at the paint night at my friend Helene's art gallery, that I decided to repeat the project at home with the boys.

And by a happy coincidence, the craft store was having a sale on canvases, so I bought a pack of eight.

Helene had given us a very particular set of steps--from which we were allowed to deviate at will--which gave us the opportunity to try a variety of art techniques, play with color, and work with perspective.

As it turned out, E and Z weren't much interested in following directions (not an isolated incident) and ended up making their own paintings.

But M got really, really into the project, and was particular about following the directions.

He kept at it long after the rest of us moved on to other things (pointing a fan on his picture between layers to avoid the smeared paint the rest of us put up with). I love his results.

I joined in and painted along. I think I could go on recreating this same painting forever. M wants to paint again this weekend...I'll have to come up with another set of instructions.

With the finished artwork, I refreshed the wall in the living room, where our last painting projects had hung.


  1. What fun and such beautiful artwork it produced.

  2. Simply beautiful, in so many ways. xo

  3. What a beautiful project! They look wonderful on your wall as well. I know you say that 2 of them did't really follow instructions, but all the paintings side-by-side still have quite a flow to them.

    1. Thank you, Yanic. We had a lot of fun. Using the same palette certainly added to the cohesiveness.

  4. I love these. That sounds like a really interesting project, your paintings all look wonderful together!

  5. They all look so nice hanging together!


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