Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Weekend Things ~ Quiet

We had a snowy weekend. Big feathery flakes tumbled out of the sky most of Saturday and Sunday. It didn't amount to much--three or four inches--and it wasn't very cold, holding steady around 36 degrees, but I took it as an excuse to spend most of the weekend indoors, other than a stroll up the road to our neighbors' house for a Pi Day pie party Saturday evening.

Last week was kind of hectic, with C out of town for work, two evenings of lessons, plus parent-teacher conferences another, and all three kids at work with me all day Friday, due to logistical difficulties surrounding a day off regular school, but M still having his morning math class. So I welcomed a slow, quiet weekend.

Other than Saturday's party and the usual housework, the only thing I *had* to do was work on a project for my Master Naturalist class. Good thing sketching is so relaxing.

With St. Patrick's Day coming, I was feeling homesick for Ireland (are you allowed to be homesick for a place you've only visited for ten days?) and spent some time decorating the house with green and re-reading my travel journal.

On Sunday afternoon, I made green soup (nothing Irish about it, except it's green) and Irish soda bread. I had tried to find some of the foods that I liked best in Ireland. There had been rhubarb everywhere (including the most divine rhubarb yogurt), but the only thing rhubarb I could find was some strawberry-rhubarb jam that didn't taste very rhubarby. Maybe they don't have rhubarb in Ireland in March, either? I did find some aged goat cheese very similar to what was served everywhere, in salads, and in the most amazing roasted vegetable puff-pastry tart. Other foods from Ireland that we don't have here: red onion and farmhouse cheddar crisps; blackcurrant sorbet and smoothies; curry sauce for fish & chips. C did buy me a bottle of Bailey's. That has helped some.

While the soup simmered and the bread baked, I drank a cup of tea and knitted while C, E, and I watched The Secret of Kells (Z was building a lego set, and M was doing whatever it is teenagers do--probably watching The Daily Show). 

It was a neat movie, but I'm feeling like I still need to watch The Secret of Roan Inish, which is what we usually watch around St. Patrick's Day.


  1. It is probably a little early for rhubarb in March in some of Ireland, although I know the west coast has mild weather so you might get a stalk or two. It has the longest growing season of any plant in my garden. I love Rhubarb and Ginger Crumble and a Rhubarb and Polenta Cake.

    1. Oh, those both sound really good! Are the recipes on your blog?


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