Monday, January 30, 2012

Belated Birtdays

I'm famous in my family for sending birthday greetings long after the birthday boy/girl has forgotten he/she even had a birthday. But I do get around to it eventually (almost always), so that's what's important, isn't it? (Especially if I sent a text message on the actual technology sometimes). I have two especially tricky siblings, my youngest sister, E, whose birthday is right before Christmas, and my youngest brother, also E, whose birthday is not exactly right after Christmas, but in the middle of January, which is pretty close to right after Christmas, and this year was right in the midst of my residency. So they both get neglected, as all birthday-right-around-Christmas people should do.

This past Saturday, I was feeling makey, so, while dinner baked, I made some toffee for my brother who just turned 21 and had asked, rather pointedly when I saw him over the holidays, "Do you ever make toffee?":

Little did he know that toffee is my very favorite candy to make and to eat, though I shouldn't because I have three crowns on my molars (I grind my teeth at night...stress), so I should probably get this packaged up and mailed quick before I eat any more.

My sister had mentioned that she has a hard time sleeping, for various reasons, including the bright street light outside her window, so after dinner, I escaped up to my room while the boys started a movie and made these:

I had never made one before, so of course I had to make a prototype, which of course I had to keep for myself.

Now here's where I'll tell you probably the most embarrassing secret I'll ever share on this blog: I wear a sleep mask to bed. Every night. I started about two years ago, before I had made curtains for my room and the bright, bright moon kept me awake all night. And once I started wearing it, I slept much, much better, between the darkness and the gentle pressure on my eyelids that helped my eyes relax. It did not completely cure my insomnia--I still keep bottles of Benadryl, melatonin and Rescue Remedy Sleep lined up beside my bed--but it helped, and continues to help a lot. In fact, I panic when I can't find, just ask C. 

My old mask, though, was getting worn-out: the green silk had taken on a grayish hue, the fabric was fraying along the edge and the elastic was losing its elasticity. Plus, I wanted a backup in case after one of those panicky mask-less nights it did not turn up under the bed, clothed in dust bunnies.

I like the profile of my old mask, so I just traced it and cut the shape from some super soft cotton voile (Anna Marie Horner Little Folks) and lined it with one layer of cotton batting and tucked the elastic into a scrunchy-style casing. I think I might have made it a smidge too tight, though, because after the second night of wearing it, my eyebrows were kind of sore. Is that weird? I think my sister probably has a smaller head than me, so hopefully hers will be OK.

I had enough voile left over to make this scarf:

Which I did very selflessly consider giving to my sister along with the mask, but ended up keeping it (and wearing it today) for myself.

Now, I just need to get everything mailed off and I can check two belated birthdays off my list!


  1. A. The toffee looks delicious.

    B. I am as embarrassing as you, it seems, because I've been using a sleep mask for YEARS. Anything to help me sleep better!

  2. A Christmas Eve baby, I am scandalized by your suggestion that we holiday season birthday folk should be neglected. Luckily, I like both toffee and silky sleep masks and would be willing to overlook your remark in exchange for either. Or both.


  3. I love my sleep mask. Love the ones you made, too.


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