Monday, February 6, 2012

Packet 1

First, I must start by telling you how much I love the word "packet." It sounds like a little brown envelope filled with crinkly paper containing lots of wonderful possibilities. Of course my packet was on a virtual one,

(don't mind the mountain of clean laundry in the background that I'm passive-agressively refusing to fold, while at the same time using it as a foot rest), but it went off to my mentor yesterday. Yippee. 

I'm still working out the kinks in my writing schedule--library every Monday and Thursday night. During which I spend too much time distracted by Etsy and email and Ravelry and such. I may need to find a wi-fi-free zone. I haven't gotten another Sunday all to myself since the first weekend, so I try to work among the chaos of family--yesterday I had to lay down the law and tell them that unless they are bleeding or on fire, they are not to bother me about anything, but look for Papa instead. I may need to find an alternate Sunday location (though preferable not the bakery, so that I don't gain five pounds for every packet). 

And last week, my nine-to-five sleep schedule went all to hell, precipitated by my staying up till 10 to watch Downton Abbey last Sunday and ending ignominiously with my sleeping until 8:30 Saturday morning and then leaping out of be shouting at the twins to get ready for their nine a.m. basketball game. I'm trying to get it back this week, though I've found I can't really think at five in the morning (who can?), so I'll be using that time (on days I don't go to the pool) instead to get to work by seven, so that I can leave by 3:30 so that our evenings can be a little less hectic.

And now, I need to get to work on Packet #2, so I'll leave you with a few photos Z took yesterday when I gave him my camera to get him out of my hair.

Oh, no, oh, yes, we've discovered the Magic Treehouse (do you have any idea how many of these books there are? I object, on principle, to any books series that gets into the double digits--with the exception of Amelia Peabody)

Baby M--so cute.

Stevie Wonder dance party.

Tell me again why I can't concentrate?


Messy room.


  1. My heart goes out to you as you struggle to carve out time to write, and for your children's discovery of the Magic Tree House series. (I've gritted my teeth through one too many Jack and Annie adventures.) Best of luck on both levels!

  2. Congratulations!

    As for the series, all I can say is that it really gets them reading. As long as they read it, and you don't have to, I say it's all good.

  3. I also love the word packet. And pack (not the verb, but like "a pack of socks.") My girls love those words as well.

    I JUST got done emailing my friend about how I'm an hour and a half late on my own 9-5 sleeping plan. I didn't realize you were doing that too. I did so well for a few days. And's 10:48 PM. Must go to sleep.

  4. Hope you've snuck in more time to write. I am sitting here at the computer sans kids for the moment but a sunbeam siren keeps calling me for a quick nap. Are there such things in fairylore? Evil sunbeam sirens? I feel quite doomed...and nappish.


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