Thursday, January 5, 2012

Handmade Holiday: One last knit of 2011

After I finished five knitting projects in the first half of the year (one--the sweater!--, two--pattern!, three, four, five), I set a secret goal of completing one knit per month for the whole year. Then I started another sweater, which I am now, finally, almost finished with, but alas, it did not get done in June as scheduled. But I did whip out this hat, which I finished just a few minutes before 10:00 on New Year's Eve (and a few minutes before I went to bed--it was the most boring New Years Eve in a long string of boring New Years Eves--we ate takeout Thai food, put the kids to bed early and watched a movie about crossword puzzles. I kid you not. But due to a combination of insomnia/jet lag and coughing kids, I stayed awake much closer to midnight than I expected, so that's exciting).

Anyway, back to the hat. I turned out ENORMOUS!! And 10:00 on New Years Eve is too late to start another hat when you're giving the gift the next day, New Years Day, which is when we celebrated Christmas with some of our friends and family on this side of the continent (I believe it was seventh Christmas). 

The recipient, pictured below, is going to try throwing it in the washing machine on hot a few times in an effort to reduce its gunny-sack-like proportions.

Here's to knitting in 2012! What's on your needles?

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