Thursday, February 23, 2012


This is me these days:

I'll spare you the details, since the library closes in one hour and I just spent thirty minutes goofing around on Pinterest. Besides, I'm sure you have multiple flames of your own burning right now.

(P.S. I just discovered some comments on a previous post that I had overlooked due to an overload of email during a busy time, but they were commiserating about our recent Magic Treehouse adventures. Thank you, sisters; it is so good to know I'm not alone in Morgan La Fey's library hell--it probably doesn't help that we've been reading them out of order, but what bleep? I don't even get it. I tried reading "Little House in the Big Woods last night and Z started kicking and screaming, literally kicking and screaming, I kid you not.)


  1. Oh, I'm so inspired by all that you're doing. I'm glad you're checking in to keep us updated.

    And I really dislike the Magic Treehouse books. I accidentally introduced them to my eldest a year ago, not realizing how annoying they were. She got really into them for awhile but then seems to have forgotten about them. I hope it stays that way.

  2. Many years ago, my mother said, "You're not indestructible, you know." I ignored her. Didn't understand her point. I learned later. I lost my health for a while. Please look to your needs for down time, proper food, sleep, etc. Don't run faster than you have strength. I learned the hard way. Take care of YOU so you have something left to give to others. In today's vernacular.... just saying...

  3. I actually love the books - because I never, ever read them. That is the whole point of those books - to get the kids to read. Reading books like that to them would be unbearable - having them read the books themselves increases their reading skills and stamina. Hugs!

  4. I woke up this morning thinking about you and what you have been reading to your boys, and remembering how my youngest was not really into hearing what I wanted to read to him. The little house no not really except for Farmer Boy. Waldorf style He wanted Captain Underpants, I was at first apalled by this but he begged and begged. I finally read him one and was suprised by it's humor and social commentary. My youngest has 2 siblings that are 8 & 10 years older than him so he was exposed to all sorts of stuff that was not carefully chosen by me. Also, I decided to not read stuff that I really disliked reading and I solved the Magic Treehouse thing by getting books on tape at the library.

  5. Ah yes, the treehouse days. i don't remember them fondly, i must say. my 1st loved them - i've tried to hide them from the others and by the time they discovered them, they weren't very interested - small blessings :)


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