Friday, February 24, 2012

Zip Bags

Sometimes I think this creative urge is a becomes overpowering sometimes (or perhaps it's the procrastination urge that is so powerful?)

After I saw the super cute zip pouch Mary Beth of Salt and Chocolate made, I had to have one (or three) of my own. 

I spent odd moments here and there rifling through my stash, looking for good fabric combinations and then finally set down to make these a couple of weekends ago, when I was supposed to be sequestered in my room writing (it was a break from all that mental labor, really). I have a ton of these short little industrial zippers that I bought for wicked cheap (I think I had six or eight for 50 cents) at a purse maker that went out of business a couple of years ago, so I didn't have to buy anything.

Because I only read over the pattern/tutorial (which is here) without printing it out or writing anything down or referring back to it in any way while I worked on these, they came out in fairly random sizes, with the first one I made being huge and the following ones getting progressively smaller because it turns out that you only need a tiny little ting for pens and pencils, and, also, they seem a lot bigger after they are done (I also somehow got the lining of the yellow one inside out, but we'll just pretend it was meant to be that way, shall we?)

When I was at the library later that week, I looked down at the pile of stuff on the floor next to my chair--my messenger bag, my purse, my laptop cozy, my camera case and one of these pouches--and I realized that I am a ridiculous person. 

I mean, who goes around with all these mismatched patterns and nothing neutral whatsoever? I think I need help.

Anyway, while these bags did not progress my writing at all (nor has writing this post), it felt oh so lovely to experience that satisfying click of finishing something that results in a tangible, pleasing product (with no dreaded bashing by potential critics, even if my bags don't match, are inside-out and not the correct size). 


  1. And they are lovely, like everything else about you! (except your word verification, which makes me squinty).

  2. Everybody's word verification is like that now...thanks a lot Blogger.

  3. mismatched colors way better than boring neutrals.


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