Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Good Mail Day

Last Wednesday, I had three big boxes waiting on my porch when I got home. Z got to work opening them while I got to work making dinner.

In one were these frames my dad made for family portraits we had taken recently (I still need to get glass and frame wire and figure out where to hang them--we have a shortage of wall space). There were some other goodies tucked inside--shirts for the boys and I don't remember what-all.

The other two boxes contained some Nikki McClure goodness. Jenna had a giveaway on her Stirrings and Stories blog for How to Cook the Perfect Day, and though I don't comment much on blogs these days, due to time constraints and the fact that I usually read them on my phone which isn't always compatible with blogs, and which also hurts my thumbs if I type too much, I just had to comment (and enter to win) because I had literally just come from the BuyOlympia site where I'd ordered the calendar (after much hemming and hawing regarding whether I needed another calendar, especially one with no room for writing things and which I had nowhere to hang--that limited wall space thing again) and a set of note cards, the cover of which reminds me of my favorite piece of jewelry.

So, not only did I win Jenna's giveaway, but it (the book, plus a fun set of Story Cubes) arrived on the exact same day as the order I had already placed, before leaving my comment, which makes me think the other was walked to my house from Washington (it is true I chose the cheaper "ground" shipping method, but really). I'm excited to try out some of the recipes (especially the picnic--when spring comes!) and play with the story cubes (and I suppose I should put one of those note cards to use right away!).

I love a good mail day!


  1. I have her calendar, too, and I believe it's worth the smile it brings to my face every day.

  2. I'm ever so slightly jealous!
    I still need to send you a box of british things! ;)
    Could you let me know your address, I am awfully unorganized and can't remember where I wrote it down.

  3. That's an awesome mail day. I love those notecards!

  4. Yay, you got it!! Funny that all came on the same day. I love those notecards...hmmm, might have to place another order at BuyOlympia. ;-)


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