Thursday, June 27, 2013

Nature Journaling: A Travel Journal Pouch

I'm planning on being fairly minimalist when I pack for Ireland, not wanting to lug big suitcases from plane to train to bus, but I do hope intend to keep up nature journaling while I'm there. So in the spirit of minimalism, I made this scaled down journaling kit last weekend.

A simple zippered pouch, made in the usual way, meaning I saw a tutorial somewhere, scanned over it, then several months later made it, without referring back to the instructions. It came out okay in spite of that all, only a tad snug getting the notebook in and out, and a bit lumpy on the inside (perhaps the lining should be made smaller than the outer fabric?).

It's just the right size to tuck in a medium moleskine, a pen, pencil, gluestick, brushes and my Altoids paintbox. Just right for sitting on the seashore, on the other side of the Atlantic, and sketching and writing and daydreaming.

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1 comment:

  1. Too handy! I love that little Altoids tin--it's really just the perfect size.


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