Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Skating

Last week we made one last attempt at iceskating.

After a little warm weather and some rain, followed by a few really cold days,

the conditions looked perfect.

Every pond and bog I drove by looked really smooth and glassy and perfect.

So we decided to seize the day and made our way through the woods to a nearby pond.

But it turned out that snow-turned-ice is kind of...brittle.

And slushy. Skates broke through the first inch or so. 

I said, "We should go to the rink and skate on some real ice," and C gave me a look that reminded me this is REAL ice. But soon we'll take a trip to the Ice Vault and skate on some real smooth man-made ice.

Most of us switched back to our boots in short order, but Z and M stuck it out, skating in patches of solid ice, skate-running through the choppy bits.

 And yet, it was a pretty great afternoon, slushy ice (slice? icsh?) and all.

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