Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Willing Spring

We're still pretty much dead-on winter here (3.3 degrees F this a.m.), though there are signs of the coming season. Mud, of course.

And the sun is much higher in the sky, and seems to stick around much longer (though that is largely an illusion, thanks to horrid daylight savings). 

Right now is actually perfect ice-skating weather--the ponds and bogs are clear of snow--but snow/sleet/and 44 degrees in the forecast will ruin that before the weekend comes, I'm afraid.

C has had to wedge big wafers of frozen sap into his evaporator to get any maple syrup going (though he's already up around ten quarts, which is nothing to sneeze at).

Even my boys who spent all summer saying, "I can't wait till winter so we can go sledding," are growing a bit tired of the cold.

E added "spring" to the grocery list. 

Meanwhile, I'm doing my best to stick with my March Manifesto--lots of fresh flowers, and some fun food for St. Patrick's day (shamrock-shaped crackers, Irish cheese, Irish soda bread, vegetarian Irish stew and green soup).


  1. Your table is a bright spot of sunshine, and I love the addition of spring on your grocery list. Around here we've given up sweets until Easter, and my youngest has taken to adding a single and repeated request to my grocery list: Oreos.

  2. Lovely! I love "spring" on the shopping list. Daylight savings rocks, however. I need those sunlit evenings! I wish we could just stay on it always.

  3. No, no, no, LSM!! I HATE daylight savings time. I HATE having to get up when it's dark in the morning. I HATE losing a whole hour out of my life every year. I HATE trying to get kids to go to bed when it's still light. I HATE how it takes weeks of exhaustion before anyone adjusts. I HATE HATE HATE HATE daylight savings time and I really wish it would go away (I don't even understand the point of it)!!!

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  5. Everyone at the library agrees with E. about spring!


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