Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Boys

My kids' school was closed all last week, due to a small fire that resulted in a big mess (apparently chemicals and smoke distributed throughout the building via the HVAC system), giving them a bonus week of winter vacation. They got to spend at least part of that time at home, when C was working in his basement office. Somehow when they're home and left to their own devices, my kids are at their most creative.

This one got back into knitting, and with just a little help, made himself a cowl (cast-on, bind-off and all).

This one loves to be outside, and spent all day Saturday out with his dad making maple syrup (even when his brother and their best friend went in to play Legos).

This one went snowboarding with a friend both weekends and taught himself how to play "Jump" on the piano.

This one found a giant icicle that he called "the lightning bolt" because he'd just seen the Percy Jackson movie.

...and then he quickly turned it into a gun.

This one asked for some books on knights from the library, and actually read some of them. He asked me to help him make cardboard armor, and I reminded him that we had a cardboard-creation expert.

M was supposed to help build the armor, but as he said, he doesn't have the patience for that, so he did it himself. Z seems happy, though, and three boys getting along is something this mama likes to see.

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