Thursday, December 31, 2015

Handmade Holiday ~ Sent and Received

I didn't do much hand-making the Christmas. All I made was gnomes. Lots and lots of gnomes.

Gnomes for E and Z and M's St. Nicholas Day gifts.

Gnomes for the ornament exchange my aunts, sisters, mom, and I have every year (sorry about the poor lighting...these gnomes were made late into the evening all the week before Christmas and put into the mail before the weekend came...I never saw them in the light of day.

And a gnome each for C and my brother who was here for Christmas. C also made a set of coasters from slices of an American hornbeam log, finished with hard wax oil. They came out quite beautiful, but I didn't think to take a picture before he sent them off.

Coincidentally, my aunt made a gnome, too, an aspen tree gnome.

And, finally, as per tradition, my mom made the boys flannel pajamas. 

Z's goal is to see if he can make it to March without me washing the softness out of them. Guess who will  win that one.


  1. Tell Z I said, "Yuck!" Grandma N

  2. Your Aunt's gnome looks like the little dolls my friend makes. Your aunt isn't my friend Farida, is she?

    1. Ha ha, no, but that would be funny if she was. :)


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