Monday, October 12, 2009

Me Day

On Friday I had the experience of that rarest of rare events--a day entirely to myself, free of obligations and responsibilities. I have the state budget crisis, inflexible preschool hours, a pre-arranged evening off and my husband to thank for my good fortune.

After dropping E and Z off at preschool, I headed into the woods to finish up one hike (the last 0.6 miles of a total 3 mile trail network that took a total of three visits to hike...even with lollipop bribes!) and hike the full series of trails at a second nature trail for the Other Blog. I finished up just in time to meet a friend at her house and head out for lunch and an afternoon of antiquing at a giant old chicken barn filled with good things. I came home with this great storage jar, two adorable juice glasses and an apron (it all cost less than the one bowl I was really lusting over. Do I need another bowl? Yes?).

I dropped my friend off at a party and headed north, to Waterville where I patronized no fewer than three fabric stores, picking up some odds and ends--a pattern and elastic for a pants-making-a-thon that never materialized over the weekend, some other notions and fabric--and this amazing assortment of flannel for Christmas jammies (made by Grandma):

and these lovely prints:

all from Marden's where the fabric is $2.69-$2.99 a yard! I did not find the Joel Dewberry Sparrows I was hoping for, but there were quite a few bolts of his fabric, including both the pink and the spring green with blue silhouettes which I have since draped over a curtain rod in my room, contemplating another round of curtain-making (it must be a mania!)

I met up with a friend at the third and final fabric store (where she was looking for a pattern to satisfy her daughter's devil wishes without making the slutty devil costume she saw in a catalog), and we made our way to Railroad Square Cinema where we met another friend and saw Bright Star, which was really wonderful (despite excruciatingly uncomfortable seats). I find myself wanting to walk through the woods reciting Keats.

I got home late, tired and with a headache, from having only eaten a granola bar for dinner (I did have two plates of everything at our buffet lunch--and heck, I was kid-free so why not be all wild and crazy like skipping dinner?), and looking forward to spending Saturday with my kids. I think I should do this more often.


  1. aaahhhhhhh. sounds delightful. good to know there is life after mama-hood.


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