Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sorted Out

I spent the weekend feeling out-of-sorts--not in the mood to do anything from my long list of to-do's (make Halloween costumes, make a stack of new pants for E and Z, fold the mounting pile of clean laundry threatening to take over the sunroom, sort through the hand-me-down boxes for winter clothes, etc.). I was especially not in the mood for mothering (such a contrast from last weekend, after my Me Day!), and, as usual when I'm in such a mood, everyone seemed especially clingy and needy, wanting to be in full body contact with me, or playing with me, or getting my help with something or other. C was working at a friend's all day Saturday, and spent much of Sunday splitting wood and the weather was rather blustery, sending little bodies right back inside after being sent out.

We went out Saturday morning for M's soccer game, and headed to Damariscotta to buy a birthday present for M's friend. I was slow, sluggish and uninspired all day, even at the book store and fabric shop. What I really felt like doing was curling up with a book and a cup of tea in total silence all weekend--an early start to hibernation season. Monday started out with much the same sentiments, but after a frantic search for mittens and gloves in the morning, I realized I really needed to deal with the winter clothes bins, and that I needed some way to keep hats and mittens sorted and organized this winter--our current drawer system (and previous basket), leaving something to be desired (since every time someone looks for a certain item everything else in drawer/basket gets tossed around the mud room and not put away). start off, I put together these wall pockets, modeled somewhat on a set they have at preschool for holding "just in case" clothes, and customized to the wall space and the piece of fabric I had, which is this really cool marblized cotton that I got for a smokin' deal many years ago at a mill ends shop and used for panels to cover the back of our refrigerator (which is set into the mudroom to keep it cool and use less energy). It reminds me of these marblized balloons we used to get when I was a kid...and never fails to make me happy.

(I intentionally left the mudroom in the exact state I found it in when I took this picture)

Then, despite a twinge in my lower back (which may have contributed to my general listlessness over the weekend), I hauled big rubbermaids of hand-me-downs, winter coats and mittens up the stairs. This is a process I go through twice a year, and usually enjoy--it's like shopping, for free--and I often wonder if I died would C know to look in these bins every spring and fall? Would he even know what size they kids wear (since he can hardly tell M's clothes from E and Z's I find it doubtful). The boys acted as willing mannequins and let me hold things up to them to see if they'll fit this year or next. When M got home he was thrilled to find a new winter coat that a family friend got at the LL Bean employee store last year...and totally rejected my suggestion that he save it for next year. He's already happily wearing the zip-out lining on the cold morning runs to the bus.

I tucked a selection of mittens and hats for each person into the pockets (they ended up buckling a bit when stuffed--I could add some reinforcement to the back, but I don't think I'll bother) in hopes that the drawer will stay closed most of the time (already we've been rummaging in there for some imagined pair of gloves--because, apparently, mittens are no longer cool when you're four!). In a couple of weeks we'll have to switch out all the hats for bright hunter orange ones, since we do live in the woods, but the hand knit woolies will return in December, and, if I can get out of my funk, will hopefully be joined by some new Christmas hats and mittens (or, if I get really brave and energetic, gloves).

Now if only there was some way to sort out the shoe bin...

P.S. New post up today at Capital Walks.


  1. Hard to believe that this is the sluggish you - you are, as ever, amazing.

  2. Our front hall dresser is bursting with hats & mittens. Not sure this system works for us but not sure I could whip up such a cool holder...


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