Monday, October 5, 2009

The Motherhood Muse

I’m very excited to be involved in a new project to be launched today. The Motherhood Muse is a community for writer-mamas wishing to connect with each other as we journey through motherhood with a desire to draw nature into our lives. Kimberly Zook (of ZookBookNook) created the Motherhood Muse to send the message to her daughters that having a relationship with nature is critical to the human body, mind, and spirit. The Motherhood Muse blends Kimberly’s passion for literature on motherhood and on nature.

The Motherhood Muse has four main elements:

The literary magazine (an e-Zine) features literature on motherhood, nature, and children. This is the part that I’ll be involved with, writing a feature profiling publish authors who artfully combine writing about motherhood and the natural world.

A free e-newsletter is sent that includes blog highlights, writing contest information, features about the readers themselves, web-only deals, and more.

A website that serves as the central resource for mothers and writers, with writing contests, a fantastic bookstore with books for writers, mothers, and children, a boutique featuring items with The Motherhood Muse logo such as journals, note cards, and more.

The blog is a continually updated resource for mothers and writers to share personal stories about motherhood, nature, children and writing, as well as interviews with authors (and book giveaways), tips on writing, activities to do with children in nature, and more.

Buzz one over to the Motherhood Muse and check it out!

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