Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Apothecary Cabinet

Back before Christmas, when we were cleaning house in preparation for the holidays, C suggested that it was time to get rid of the play kitchen. I refused, because, well, it's cute. And I'm not ready to say my babies are that grownup. And he would just replace it with a piece of furniture onto which he could pile junk. And, also, some day, when there's a little less Spinjitzu activity going on in our house, I want to display my Akro Agate tea sets on it.

Meanwhile, Z's interest in herbalism continued to grow, and his collection of herbal accoutrements expanded greatly with two mortar and pestle sets, a funnel, and various jars and vials that he received for Christmas gifts. His stuff was starting to overrun my space. So we decided to turn the play kitchen into his apothecary cabinet, where he can store his containers and dried herbs and equipment.

It turned out perfect--it keeps his stuff off my hutch, it gives him somewhere to store and work, and it has saved the play kitchen from an ignominious fate in the basement.

1 comment:

  1. I love those little play kitchens--so glad you were able to re-purpose yours!


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