Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weekend Things--R and R

After our taco party Saturday night, we took the rest of the weekend very slow.

(At least E, M, and I did...

...C, who doesn't sit still, spent the weekend plowing and shoveling snow and tapping trees, and Z ran outside every few minutes to try to catch a turkey).

Mostly, we lay about reading and drawing and playing games and watching movies.

I dragged us all outside at least once each day, for snowshoeing or sledding.

And I picked up a long-neglected knitting project.

It was so nice to park the car in the garage Friday night and not go anywhere near it again until Tuesday morning (at which point it protested loudly about having to wake up on a below-zero morning). Now and then I felt a little guilty for not going somewhere or doing something, but mostly, I just enjoyed the rest.

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