Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weekend Things--Homebodies

I had been planning to take the boys ice skating this weekend, but after a warm rain Friday, I figured any outdoor  venue would be slush. They had just come off a week of school vacation, which C spent working at home in his basement "office" and they spent running feral indoors and out. The only places they went all week were music lessons Wednesday evening and pizza night at the General Store Friday. And they loved it. 
A Saturday morning visitor.
My boys (all four of them) are such homebodies; they love nothing more than just hanging out at home and doing exactly what they feel like doing, in their own space, with their own stuff. This drives me crazy in the summer, when I want to go to the beach or go hiking or something, but in the winter, I kind of get on board.

So, with the exception of M, who went to band practice Saturday and snowboarding Sunday, and C, who helped his mother out with something in town on Saturday, we had another stay at home weekend.

On Saturday afternoon, when no one wanted to go on a walk with me, I realized I could go on one all by myself. I took my journal along and made it into a little poetry field trip and wrote a fairly terrible poem about this tree:

We call it Owl Tree, because the first winter we lived here, M and I saw a barred owl snoozing on one of the branches on New Year's Day. We've never seen an owl in it again, but Owl Tree it remains.

After this week's cold snap, we might be able to skate on the river, provided it doesn't snow again.

In other weekend news, E got very into making smoothies (using up a huge box of oranges and all the black bananas from the freezer).

C continues to prepare for syrup season.

And E and Z listened to so much of Weird Al Yankovic's "Bye Bye Mr. Anakin Guy" that they had to watch the movie (the fourth Star Wars, which they call the first Star Wars because they weren't around in the 80s), on VHS, no less.

I think letting my kids both listen to annoying songs and watch annoying movies--all on the same day--proves that I'm an awesome mom, don't you?


  1. On the way to Lost Valley, Eli said that you were awesome and Milo agreed, though he wouldn't accede to Eli's contention that you "never embarrassed anyone."

  2. Yes, I suppose I would be embarrassed to see me dancing like a maniac if I were my mom.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Indeed, it does! And I love that you have crazy squirrels, too!

  5. Thanks, Meryl. The crazy squirrels are fun in the winter...but when they chew though the window screens and make themselves at home inside in the summer...not so much.


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