Monday, April 4, 2011

A Hat for Z

After I made E's hat, I felt I should make one for Z, too (they are twins, after all).

He usually wears this adult-sized acrylic reversible hat that's camouflage on one side and hunter orange on the other.  But he also has strong memories of the hat he wore when he was three, which someone must have picked up at a church sale and given to him--it was 3/4 turquoise acrylic ribbing and 1/4 tan cashmere.

I thought I might repeat the design--lots of ribbing, with a stockinette top in another color, using the leftover dark and light blues from E's hat, but Z didn't like that idea.

He really wanted tan.  After searching in vain through my stash (tan?  why on earth would I own anything tan?), I finished it off with some tan-ish cotton borrowed from my friend on at knitting night.

The ribbing didn't turn out as long as I thought it would--I was hoping it would be long enough to turn up once.  And I'm not super thrilled with the tan cotton (I should have sprung for a skein of tan wool).  Z was not thrilled that it wasn't exactly like the old hat, with "light blue" on the bottom, and soft tan on  the top (I would not have sprung for cashmere).  

But, he actually wears, it, even to school (which is the big test--M has never worn any hat other than the 99 cent hunter orange acrylic hats from Reny's outside of the house).

This is my third knitting project in as many months (I actually finished it March 31).  I'm tentatively toying with the idea of finishing one knitting project for each month this year.  That would be really something, considering just a couple of years ago I realized I'd been knitting for 12 years and had only produced 12 knitted objects.  Wish me luck!


  1. Nice work! I'm inspired to make something up myself. The only non-pattern things I've ever made were a scarf and a tiny dollhouse-sized rug.


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