Monday, April 21, 2014

Month of Poetry, 2014, Day 21: Rejection


Early morning
rejection message
in my in box.
It was a long-shot.
But still.
We're not supposed
to acknowledge
these things.
Don't mention it.
Just thicken the hide,
hit "send" again.
Writing is not hard.
It is not mining
for rare earth minerals,
or smashing cathode
ray tubes, or digging
in garbage dumps.
It involves no noxious
fumes. There is little
chance of explosion.
There is also little
chance of success.
Which makes me
wonder, why not
spend time on more
fruitful pursuits?
Like Words with
Friends or more TV?
Why not take up
tatting or home
brew? Why not
stop neglecting
the garden? All
good questions,
for which I lack
answers. So instead
I move on to the
next long shot
on the list and hit


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